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Montana Celiac Society is a non-profit, medical information corporation, formally organized in 1996. Gluten-Free Friends, Montana Celiac Society's quarterly newsletter, was founded in 1995.      


We offer numerous services [see resources]  to people who have Celiac Disease, an autoimmune genetic malabsorption disorder caused by patients' inability to digest a protein in wheat, rye and barley.  The New Patient Packet carries Information as presented by numerous health-care providers, including  Gastroenterologists, Nutritionists, Neurologists, and Dermatologists (for the skin-related disorder Dermatitis Herpetiformis).  


Our quarterly newsletter,  Gluten-Free Friends,(Subscription $12.00),  provides up-to-date medical and health information for people with gluten-enteropathy, as well as other health-related disorders.  We trade with numerous national newsletters so that we can provide readers with a broad exchange of ideas, opinions, and research data. 


An improvement in diagnosis, understanding and treatment of the disease; diagnosing patients at an earlier stage before damage becomes permanent; to make the gluten-free diet, the required treatment, more comprehensive.

In order to reach people in rural areas, Montana Celiac Society  holds its annual conventions in different cities around the state.  The conventions feature well-known national speakers, celiac physicians who are experts in the medical field and nutritionists who teach the GF diet.  There is no charge to attend.

Since our modest beginnings the goal of MCS has been to provide educational materials to patients, their families, the medical community, health food stores, schools, and Montana communities as a whole.  We also strive through networking to connect with those people who display the target symptoms but are not yet diagnosed. 

MCS Board of Officers & Directors:


President:  Denise McGough

Vice-President:  Frank Murphy

Secretary/Treasurer:  Pauline Lucas



R. Jean Powell, Executive Director, Founding President

Kerry Anselmi
Jason Basye

Wileen Breese

Dana Geuger

Judy Murphy

Frank Murphy



Marlys Werle   



Special Thanks To Our Sponsors

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All recommendations and data from Montana Celiac Society are to be applied with care. seek the advice of medical professionals if need be, since information about gluten-enteropathy is changing at a rapid rate.  We provide educational information but not advice.  Information may be copied as long as Montana Celiac Society or Gluten-Free friends are displayed as the reference.�